Excel Training Courses

XLAddict delivers training at all levels in Excel, from Introductory through to Advanced level, including VBA for those who would like to learn to program in Excel. Click on the links below to view the contents of each course:

Excel Introduction Training Course

  • Create and print spreadsheets
  • Write simple formulae
  • Format text and numbers
  • Manipulate columns and rows
  • Duration: Half day.

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Excel Intermediate Training Course

  • Create multi-page spreadsheets and write formulae linking sheets
  • Use the Format Painter for consistent formatting
  • Use Conditional Formatting to highlight data
  • Sort and filter data
  • Create spreadsheet templates
  • Duration: Half day.

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Excel Advanced Training Course

  • Use a variety of Excel’s in-built functions
  • Use Goal Seek and Solver to manipulate input values
  • Create and edit simple macros
  • Duration: Half day

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Excel Expert Training Course

  • Use Pivot tables to summarise data
  • Use additional date functions
  • Restrict data entry through the use of validation
  • Use Visual Basic for Applications to write and edit macro
  • Duration: Two days

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